On 15 april 2012, I rushed to school. Promptly at 07.00 I went looking for my group of friends to collect itemps that will be brought to karangasri.

After all collected me and my friends just waiting for the bus and truck finally came. We also picked up the goods to the bus that will truck. Then look for that will be riding the bus and headed to karangasri.

I got there and my friends immediately set up a tent. We also have lunch and continue activities until bedtime.

The next day we also went on to play games and activities along the river. Seemed happy, thought tired. Even the night has arrived and the even continued ceremonial bonfire and performing arts. Performing arts events at one of my other groups there is a trance. I ran along with other friends it was so scared. The show was finished it was a relief and continued to sleep.

The day has arrived, and we also hurried to clean tents goods to be transported to the truck. When you finish, arrive at 10.00 over me and my friends took a bus home. In school until I pick things up and go home with the shuttle’s father.

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