Locked in Bathroom

At that time I was in elementary school third grade. While in school, when learning science, a sudden stomach ache. I immediately asked for permission to the back.
After completion of “uhh ……. feels relieved”
My stomach was not churning again. I’m getting back to class. Hey, I can not open the door.
I was so panicked, mixed feelings. Then the knocking at the door directly kugedor “voom .. voom .. voom ….”.
But no one who heard it.
I actually want to shout for help but I was shy. Because I’ve waited too long, I ended up screaming for help, while banging my door. But still wrote that heard yet, there I felt really bad, my thoughts always lead to a negative-negative. Because I still remember a story my friend once said there was a former cemetery. Wahh, I really did not think I could be locked there.
I started not calm, because I’ve been shouting from no one open it. I got goosebumps, hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my whole body trembled all, I really was scared.
I’m glad after all this time, there is also an open door. It turns out that it’s opened the door for Mr. Principal. Actually, I’m embarrassed, but I’m also happy, because I’ve been able to get out of that terrible place. And then I immediately escorted back to class.

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